Original Medicine | Free Spirit Volume 2017 Issue 2

ANCIENT INDIGENOUS CULTURES honored many Universal Truths that “modern humans” have almost forgotten.

ARE YOU AWARE THAT EVERY HUMAN is born with a unique set of gifts, talents, and challenges— a sacred blueprint called “ORIGINAL MEDICINE” which will never again be duplicated in all of time and space? Yep, this means YOU!

OUR ANCESTORS carefully observed and nurtured each child’s Original Medicine so their particular “seeds of greatness” would grow strong & flourish. They knew that success of the entire tribe depended upon bringing forth THE BEST in each person. They understood that each generation’s sacred responsibility is to ensure that the Next Generation will continue to thrive in harmony with Sacred Law and Creator’s ever-evolving Master Plan.

SADLY, THIS HUMBLE ANCIENT WISDOM has nearly evaporated from the planet. Now “modern humans” tend to revere little more than the power of their own intellect, content to replace Sacred Law with “better laws” that supposedly make more sense. Take a look at the current state of the world— how’s that working out for us?

Circle of life.

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