Who Rescues Who? | Free Spirit Volume 2017 Issue 1

“Until one has loved an animal, A part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

If you have the time and heart and patience, please give a “forever home” to a “forever friend.”

Your generosity will surely be rewarded a thousand-fold. Not only will a desperate animal be helped by your loving kindness, but you will be changed forever.

Be aware that your bond may be slow in forming. You’ll probably never know the level of neglect or abuse this animal has suffered (nor would you want to!) Just know that bountiful love, and patience, and endless forgiveness may be required before this animal can begin to deeply trust another human being again.

My Special Family

Actually, every being is very, very special…

In a shelter holding pen somewhere, someone who’s been lost, or neglected, or discarded, or abused is waiting for their “forever home.” I hope you will make room in your heart for them…

And please take a second look at the “ugliest” animal in the shelter – its chances for adoption are likely very slim, as most people are just looking for “cute.”