The Facility

TERYL’S RESIDENCE HAS SERVED as a healing and retreat center for many years. Imagine the joy of living and working in such a nurturing sacred space! Guests often notice they begin to “breathe differently” the moment they walk through The Sacred Aerie door.

The Sanctuary Garden stream has a lesson to teach; it flows in the form of a giant question mark, exactly following the natural contour of the land.

When we’re young, we think we know all the answers (or should). Once wisdom finds us, however, we realize that we actually know very little. As humans, all we ever really have is our “best guess,” subject to continual revision as Life reveals more. If we’re very lucky, we eventually surrender to this truth, learning to live far more contentedly in The Mystery (the question).

Soul Sabbatical Seekers enjoy a comfortable bedroom and private bath during their stay, complete with full house privileges. Between facilitated sessions, while ‘T’ prepares healthy gourmet meals and snacks, you’re invited to curl by the fire with your journal, peruse the extensive Sacred Aerie library, stroll through the Sanctuary Garden, lounge on the deck…or take a nap!