Be Yourself | Free Spirit Volume 2016 Issue 1

And all the GREAT FUN that comes with it!

This colorful, free-spirited character has graced my refrigerator door for many years. She reminds me to “be myself” better than any lecture I’ve ever heard. I’ve long aspired to become just like her (in my own way), and I’m delighted to report, at the radiant age of 70, I am at last only inches away!

Hopefully today this rather notorious Cuban grandmother becomes your inspiration as well. She doesn’t care what anybody else thinks— she’s being exactly “who she is” without apology or explanation. It takes a great deal of courage to live like this, ignoring all external judgments and sourcing approval only from your own Inner Light.

We all carry wondrous Sacred Gifts that will never see the light of day unless we decide to BE who we are, freely expressing our “Original Medicine.”

I wish you a life as honest as this. And all the GREAT FUN that comes with it!

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Everybody Else Is Already Taken