Mariposa Lily can thrive even in a hostile environment
because it KNOWS WHO IT IS!

Original Medicine

AS DESCRIBED BY GIFTED AUTHOR, teacher, and cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien…

“Many indigenous societies believe that we all possess ‘Original Medicine’― personal power, duplicated nowhere else on the planet. No two individuals carry the same combination of talents or challenges; therefore, when we compare ourselves to others, native peoples see this as a sign that we do not believe we have Original Medicine.

This belief affects not only ourselves, but extends into the world. Not to be ‘in our medicine’ or bring our power into the world precludes healing from coming to Mother Nature & all her creatures.”

— Angeles Arrien, The Four-Fold Way

Once we reclaim our original medicine we never again measure ourselves by another’s yardstick, never again compare ourselves to anyone else. We see the unique spark of Original Medicine in everyone and everything, suddenly inhabit a world literally alive with unfathomable wonder.

“Every blade of grass has its angle that bends over it and whispers… Grow! Grow!”

– The Talmund