The Dangerous Old Woman | Free Spirit Volume 2022 Issue 1

And what makes the old woman so dangerous…
Is it perhaps that she is not likely to play nice, she is not likely to say the words you want to hear just because you want to hear them.
She is more likely to tell you what she fiercely believes, her truth, regardless of how that makes you feel about her.
She now hears the voice of instinct more clearly and she is loathe to ignore it.
Her body, which once had the capability to bring forth new life, has changed.
It is now her soul that brings forth new life, new thoughts, new wisdoms.
There are wrinkles in the oddest places, and they are caught in the side glance of her eyes.
She sometimes thinks about the beauty that she used to be, and knows that beauty is still within her, even if not everyone sees it anymore, she remembers.
She is not heartless, she is more caring than you can ever realize.
You probably will not realize it, until you become a dangerous old woman as well.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes
*Author of “Women Who Run With The Wolves”