Mind endlessly searches for happiness,
eventually it must ask directions from Heart & Spirit.

The Journey

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

– George Elliot

Reclaim Your Path

The Path is Simple: Follow Your Truth

THE SACRED AERIE is a very special place. Profound insight and healing are much easier to access here than in your busy everyday world. The wondrous solitude and ancient symbols serve as your personal guardians, lending their beauty and power to inspire your inner work. Likely, various forms of wildlife will also attend your visit, offering their particular “medicines” generously into your process.

YOU ARE GENTLY ENCOURAGED yet never forced to step more fully into your truest Self while you are here. Learn to recognize your less-than-perfect attributes and actions as powerful teachings— discover how these may hold the clues and treasure maps to some of your most valuable hidden resources. Reclaim your Original Medicine, allowing yourself more grace for being an eternal work in progress. Awaken your unique gifts & talents; honor the magnificent Sacred Being you already are.

AT THE SACRED AERIE you are safe to express your whole truth without fear of criticism or judgment. You’ll explore new ideas, revisit ancient wisdom, generate newfound trust in your own knowing, summon fresh courage and passion for living more authentically, more powerfully, and more joyfully in the world of your choice. Eat when you’re hungry, rest when tired, move at your own chosen pace― rediscover the wonder of living in balance with your own heart and spirit.

The Sanctuary Garden

WISDOM REMINDS US that we don’t know anything for sure. All we ever really have is our “best guess,” subject to continual revision as Life reveals more.

EMBRACING THE ULTIMATE MYSTERY, at peace with insights instead of answers, we are finally free to follow the subtle contours of our own nature, exploring and learning as we go— flowing like this Healing Stream, in the fluid form of an eternal question…