Soul Sabbatical Retreat

A Soul Sabbatical Retreat is not a religious experience, yet it may be a deeply spiritual one for you …

DURING YOUR PRIVATE SOUL SABBATICAL you’re treated like sacred royalty because that’s exactly who you are, even if you’ve forgotten. For two and a half precious days, three deeply restorative nights, you’ll reconnect with the very best parts of yourself— your heart & your spirit. No phones, no work or family obligations, nothing from the outside world will interrupt your inner process. You will practice honoring your own natural rhythms again— to eat when you’re hungry, rest when you’re tired, move at your own chosen pace, rediscover what you knew so well as a child― the wonder of living in perfect balance with your own heart & spirit.

Your Entire Retreat is fueled by “inspired spontaneity”— nothing is canned. Teryl serves as your personal tracker, watching for ‘sacred breadcrumbs’ along the way, but she doesn’t lead your Soul Sabbatical— she follows whatever your own spirit calls forth from the Divine. Her task is to create sacred space, keep you company, and pay very close attention— Spirit takes care of the rest.

Maintaining a “Sacred Container” is essential for Soul Sabbatical work. This means your entire retreat is strictly confidential. You are free to share your experiences with others later, if you choose, but “T” will never breathe a word!

EVEN IF YOU AREN’T SPIRITUAL  by ordinary measures, remember that genuine spirituality takes many forms. Perhaps you’re a gifted photographer, artist, writer, musician, or highly creative in some other way?— chances are you’re an open conduit for spiritual energy. Are you more comfortable worshipping in a trout stream than a sanctuary pew?— the great outdoor “church” is likely a far better match for your wild spirit. Do you just naturally help a stranger in distress? Are you an animal-lover, passionate rock-hound, or avid gardener? If so, your sense of inter-connectedness with all beings may be unusually strong. Whenever we do anything to make the world a better place, we’re already living a spiritually awakened life. TRUE SPIRITUALITY ISN’T RESTRICTED  by some narrow human definition. Just as a Native American wisdom-keeper reminds us…

“Sing in your own language …
The Great Spirit understands them all.”

— Bill Tyner, Shawnee Elder

The Details:

Private, one-on-one with “T”

THE SACRED AERIE – Eugene, Oregon


$1795.00 * ($295 advance deposit required)
Balance due at close of retreat unless flexible terms pre-approved.

Eugene, Oregon

By prior arrangement

Soul Retreat
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