About the Experience

“Being human is so much more than body & brain;
Teryl is masterful at helping us remember
the spirit and sacredness of all things.”

— Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, M.D.
Psychiatrist, International Speaker, Healer, Author:
The Dancing Healers, Healing Ceremonies, &
The Theft of The Spirit

T introduces you to Spirit as to an old friend— with warmth, humor & love. She’s guided many of us into experiences we never imagined possible. My life is more exciting, more expansive, and more joyful as a result of working with T.”

Teryl sees everything with ‘sacred eyes.’ Once you learn how to look, you see it too! My world has expanded so much since my retreat; I look at everything so differently now— fuller, purer, bigger, BIGGER…”

When exploring unfamiliar ground, find a trustworthy guide. T definitely knows the territory— I instantly felt safe with her, and she never let me down.”

Our mother-daughter retreat was meaningful on so many levels… I can only describe Teryl as a ‘national treasure’— one-of-a-kind both in spirit and the depth of work she does.”

Teryl doesn’t ‘convert’ you to anything but your own deepest truth. You have a magnificent gift, T— thanks for sharing it with all of us!”

Even Healers Need Healing

“THE SACRED AERIE is where I go to restore and realign myself. T’s heart is clean and wise— her healing ways, purely inspired. The Aerie offers safety, renewal, and knowledge like the ancient temples of Greece.”

Sweet Medicine Nation, Choctaw Elder
Founder, Four Winds Foundation