Rattle Your Shamanic Bones | Free Spirit Volume 2011 Issue 5

On September 13th, 70+ folks nearly lifted the roof off The Old Historic Redmond Church. We drummed to honor the ancient ways of bringing individuals, communities, and the world back into sacred balance. It was quite a night… wish you were there!

Tracing any heritage back far enough, we’ll find that we are all descendants of ancient indigenous, shamanic people. God has always worked in mysterious ways…

Ancient people first recognized The Divine in the world around them― in the animals, stones, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, & stars— for them, everything vibrated with spirit and consciousness. They knew what quantum physics is finally proving (again) to us now― that everything is inter-connected, everything carries Source energy, everything is sacred and worthy of respect. Our ancestors honored the Sacred Laws that Nature taught them, understood sacred signs, and lived in respectful balance.

But as modern humans, increasingly enamored by our own intellect, we slowly separated ourselves from Nature’s wisdom and direct, moment by moment communion with “God.” You might say we got a little too smart for our sacred britches. We ignored the Sacred Laws that have always governed the Universe, and began writing our own laws instead. Considering the current state of the world, my friends— how’s that working out for us?

Perhaps it’s time to reclaim our humility and get back to basics. Shamanism isn’t some “weird religion” like many assume. It’s actually the oldest spiritual perspective & healing tradition known to humankind.

Because modern shamanism still honors Sacred Law and the Original Medicine in all things, it can heal body, mind, heart, and spirit as powerfully today as it once healed our ancestors thousands of years ago. Recovering shamanically from a life-threatening illness after modern medicine pronounced me “terminal,” I have very personal proof.

Are you fully embracing your Original Medicine?— your unique sacred gifts, talents, and challenges― for without life’s challenges, we never discover our Original Medicine or build enough “spiritual muscle” to live our highest truth.

We actually NEED sizable obstacles to push against, to learn our own strength. With two fierce cancer battles behind me, I’ve learned something about spiritual muscle, and so gratefully found my true Life Work…

No matter what spiritual path you walk, your journey will be vastly enriched by reclaiming the simple, ancient shamanic wisdom still rattling in your bones.