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Kids are natural born shamans youth retreat

                                                                      — Joni Mitchell
Youth-Discovery Adventures

AGES 10-18

KIDS ARE "NATURAL BORN SHAMANS." They relate easily to animals and the natural world; they love to sing, dance, and drum. No wonder children often respond so quickly & profoundly to indigenous ways!

EVERY HUMAN HAS INDIGENOUS ROOTS. Teryl taps these ancient roots to awaken a very real sense of belonging, purpose, and sacredness within your child. When a youngster deeply respects themselves― when they clearly know who they are & where their dreams want to take them― they develop a natural resistance to the alcohol, drugs, and other dangerous temptations that permeate our modern world.

YOU CAN'T FOLLOW your child everywhere they go, but you can help them discover their sacred path. Empower your child to protect their own precious life whenever you’re not around...

By Appointment: (90 minutes)
$110 per session

*Parents are encouraged to collaborate on the topic-focus for each session. Children are always accompanied by a parent, though active parental participation is not required.

Youth Self-Discovery Adventures                                                                                                                                     — Dr. MR, Portland, Oregon

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