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Peace of Being
Peace of Being
— Goethe
Peace of Being


MY SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE is primarily shamanic, thanks to countless indigenous teachers who patiently reawakened my "western mind" to the Divine spark in all things.

I'M PARTICULARLY DRAWN toward animal "medicines"— the unique wisdom teachings offered by each of my wondrous creature-being relatives. Make no mistake; I do not worship animals. I learn from them. They help me remember who I am.

ABOVE  ALL  ELSE,  wild  animals  are  true  to their own nature; a frog doesn't pretend to be a mountain lion, an eagle doesn't try to be a whale. They are each exquisitely content with who they are. They know their essential role in the world, and they fulfill it impeccably.

FEW HUMANS CAN CLAIM this same peace of being. Most of us are "taught out" of our Original Medicine when we're very young. We spend the rest of our lives searching wildly for our true identity. Many settle for a convenient camouflage that sort of fits, a "fake fur" that offers a modicum of protection, one that at least fools or impresses others. Sadly, we never feel at home in our own skin because we aren't wearing it. Deep down, we're just frightened little "wolves in sheep's clothing" slowly eating ourselves alive.

THE UNIVERSE IS A SACRED TAPESTRY woven from a vast array of beautiful, essential, inter-related threads. When even one thread frays, the entire fabric of the Universe is weakened.

THIS WORLD DESPERATELY NEEDS YOU AT FULL STRENGTH, DEAR ONE!  Please take very good care of your precious, one-of-a-kind, Original Medicine thread!

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