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New Book: Silver Talons, Sacred Prey by Teryl Johansson New Book: Silver Talons, Sacred Prey by Teryl Johansson

Stories to Rattle Your Ancient Shamanic Bones
by Teryl "T" Johansson


TERYL "T" JOHANSSON brings us her inspiring life story, Silver Talons, Sacred Prey — thirty eight captivating, free-standing chapters detailing what it means to live authentically outside the box, deeply influenced by the ancient shamanic way.

"The Spirit World communicates constantly with everyone," Johansson promises. "We've just forgotten how to read the sacred signs."

An Eagle opened the ancient shamanic doorway for Teryl when she was only seven. Generous Native American elders shared their wisdom along the way. Now six decades later, in the nearly forgotten symbolic language of Spirit, Johansson reveals a lifetime of asounding sacred encounters so we can at last recognize our own!

Sixty-one years in the writing, T's legacy book is here!

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Mesmerizing, brilliantly written— a must-read for anyone longing to rekindle Life’s magic!"
— Dr. V.A. Brown

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